These clients feel it!


Thank you Hayden Fitness!

A little less than 3 years ago I had my first baby at age 39 and I was in the worst shape of my life. I’ve always yo-yoed a bit with my health and my weight but never to the point where I was truly worried about my health. The way I felt after my daughter was born was different. Getting up off the floor was an effort.

At two months post-partam I was ready to do something about it. Mommylicious sounded like what I needed just based on the name. I was a new mom in need of understanding and a program geared for what I was going through. I didn’t know what I was in for and my first class was brutal! Marie gave me modified exercises for my fitness level but even so, it was hard work and I felt it for days afterward. The other moms in the class blew my mind, I couldn’t imagine myself at their level. They chatted and joked while I huffed and puffed but the atmosphere was light and easy. The end of class was always the best and not because it was over, but because I always feel amazing after a hard workout. Tired, sweaty and amazing!

Long story short, I did take it to the next level. No more modified exercises, unless it was to make them more challenging. I did lose some weight but more importantly I gained so much strength! I could get up off the floor while holding a 30lb toddler with more ease than I did with an 8lb baby!

If our family hadn’t moved this last month I would be looking forward to returning to Mommylicious after I have baby number 2. Hayden Fitness, I miss you already! As my morning sickness and exhaustion made the Mommylicious classes impossible for me, Pilates classes were my savior. My hips would always thank me for going and I might not have worked up a sweat but I still had the same amazing feeling afterwards.

I cannot recommend Marie and Hayden Fitness/Bliss Pilates enough. Every instructor I’ve worked with has been exceptional. My daughter loved to come to the studio, sometimes it was difficult to get her to leave, but then she’d been there twice a week at least since she was two months old. I do miss it already but my time there has left me in a better place and more able to enjoy what will be my last baby. What I take away from my Hayden experience is the knowledge and skills I’ll need to keep up with two little ones. I’m a mom who loves to play with the kids and not just watch from the sidelines. Thank you Marie, Melissa and Gillian you always left me feeling tired, sweaty and amazing!





I started with Hayden Fitness back in 2016. I started working with Marie in 2017 and she has done nothing but boosted my confidence. Hayden fitness gym is a place where you don’t get judged or looked at. They help motivate and support you it’s awesome. They modify any exercises that you aren’t able to do and don’t make you feel bad for it. They have taught how strong I am. I have been on two hikes now which I have never done and it’s because how good Hayden Fitness makes me feel. All the trainers are great and you leave there feeling accomplished, proud and determined to do more (Kay esau)



OMG the Reformer Pilates at Hayden Fitness are amazing. I have been attending these classes 2 x per week for about four months and the transformation I am feeling and seeing is making me a very happy and motivated lady. As well Marie and her team really take the time to give each on of their clients individual attention and makes one feel that you really matter. Retired and loving it.


Chelsea Baharis

Over the last two years I have enjoyed my time with Marie and all the other wonderful ladies at Hayden. I started after I had a c section with my babes, I had diastasis recti, adrenal fatigue, and had gained around 70 pounds during my pregnancy. Marie was so great, she has been so supportive and such a knowledgable trainer. Now my diastasis is repaired and I’m almost back to pre baby measurements. She makes adjustments based on individual needs even in a group setting, different from any other group fitness I’ve been a part of it’s rare to know who runs a gym let alone have that person passionately involved in making your game plan become a reality! I also absolutely love The camaraderie in the group classes, so positive and energetic. it’s a real team at Hayden fitness!


I started in September, doing personal training with Shayleen and I absolutely love it. I am doing it with my son as well which is really nice. Shayleen is an amazing trainer, she makes you feel comfortable. She adjusts the exercises so I am able to do them which is so great. I enjoy her and her training. She makes the sessions fun and encourages me and never makes me feel bad if I am not able to do something. I am so grateful I found this gym and I got Shayleen as my trainer. I actually enjoy going to the gym now and Shayleen is excellent at her job. She is tough but fun at the same time!!!! Dealing with Marie is great, gets back to you right away which is nice. Thank you for helping me get to my goals.

Amy Speer

I was on vacation at Secrets resort in Puerto Viallerta, Mexico. While I was there I participated in a daily Pilates class taught by Marie Hayden of Hayden Fitness. I hadn’t been able to get back in shape since the birth of my last child 11 years ago. Maria inspired me to start exercising again and in particular to use Pilates to do so. She helped me pace myself and relieve some back pain I was having from the plane ride. Marie is easy to understand and inspires me to do my best. Thanks Marie!

Ann Davis

I have been attending Hayden Fitness Retired and Fit since 2013. For a person who ‘does not like exercise classes’ I have to say I do enjoy Marie’s sessions. The small group, the personal attention, the variety all have made a difference. I was surprised when had to lift my summer tires into my car, that I could do the task with relative ease, so obviously am stronger than I was last year. The laughs are good for the spirit too.

Kristy Nixon

Hayden fitness was an amazing place for me to join when i wanted to start exercising again after having my first baby. Marie is very knowledgeable and the small classes made it easy to feel comfortable and supported. I have looked forward to my classes ever since and plan to continue them. The childminding is great and the ladies are wonderful. Highly recommended for anyone trying to reach a goal or looking for support in their fitness journey.

Nicki Tegart

I started attending mommy and me yoga through Hayden Fitness with my two young children while pregnant with my third. I loved the atmosphere and genuine concern that Marie provided during her small classes. After my third child was born, I knew that I had some work to do to be able to keep up with my three children. I contacted Marie about attending one of her Mommylicious classes. She graciously allowed me to come and try one for free. I was a bit nervous but soon realized that everyone in the class was there for their own reason and that there was no reason to compare myself to others. I was also hooked after the first class. I have now been a loyal client of Hayden Fitness since 2013 and will continue to be for as long as I can make it work for my schedule. I love coming to class, visiting with other moms, sweating out my bad mood, allowing my youngest to interact with other children under the amazing supervision of Sherry and Stephanie and leaving in a good mood. I have also had the opportunity to participate in the Clear, Fit and Balanced Wellness program offered through Hayden Fitness. I participated to find some understanding regarding digestion issues I was experiencing. It has changed my eating habits forever. I have never felt more fit and healthy in my life. Marie at Hayden Fitness provides overall health and wellness in a small class size and is truly dedicated to her clients. I love Hayden Fitness!!!

Rita L

Hayden Fitness has enabled me to achieve my health and fitness goals. Training with Hayden fitness is fun, challenging and makes me stronger and healthier every time I step foot in the gym. Thanks Ladies !!!

Joan Degrace

Hi Marie. Thanks to you and Hayden Fitness I can do a 15 km hike with over 1.5 km gain in elevation into the amazing BC alpine. Not to mention 2.5 km canoe portages with gear and food for a family of 4. And all this at 24 weeks pregnant. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bronwyn Hall

Hayden fitness has given me the ability to strengthen my core. It has not only helped me with my back pain but has allowed me to learn proper workout techniques. Marie has been supportive helping me to build my confidence and accomplish my workout goals.

Amber Arnold

I love going to my Mommilicious class. I enjoy working out with other moms while my child interacts with other kids. Marie is an amazing instructor who is able to help you achieve your goals while making your workout fun and challenging. Marie has a vast knowledge of fitness and healthy living/eating habits which she incorporates into each class. Classes are a nice size so you are able to socialize yet get the one on one help you need. I’ve never regretted investing in this gym!

Chantalle Inglis

7lbs so far, 8 more to go to pre-pregnancy weight. I could have lost more but it is my fault because I have faltered a few times. Superbowl Sunday really got me but besides that I have stuck to the staples given on the plan. My physical energy is up but I am often mentally tired. Digestion seems to be working like a clock since starting. I have already done the dairy test and became bloated. Eggs test next.

Yania Greenaway

Doing this 12 week program reminded me how good it felt to follow through on a commitment to myself and that I am powerful enough to create change. I had so much energy, slept well, got giddy about what I was putting in my mouth and felt self pride. I also lost 14lbs, gained muscle and healed life long digestive issues. Absolutely fantastic !!!

Ashlee Ritchie

Good morning Marie, Well I just want to say thank you. First for doing the meal plan with me and second for kicking our butts at Hayden fitness. I have been one to not lose weight easily and since having children it’s been harder. It took me a very long and frustrating time once I had Lillee to lose I felt I was going backward for a long time then I started to go to stroller fit get better and then talking with you about healthier choices to foods and the juicing I found my love there. And I was amazed. Then we welcomed Tristan I had a healthy pregnancy with healthy cravings besides the amounts of bacon. Once I had Tristan I felt great but it’s been six months and was starting to get frustrated that I was gonna fall backwards again like I did with the first. As I haven’t lost anything since having him. I have been working my butt off and trying to eat right or so I thought until I realized I was doing the complete opposite. I started by cutting out all the things needed from my meals and started to eat. I started the meal workshop last Sunday so tomorrow marks my week. I and starting to be not so tired and grumpy mind you there are still moments. But I thought this morning for kicks let’s see where I am at. I was 152.2 before all this and this morning I am 146.8 I know weight on a scale is just a number but it was nice to see its starting to pay off. And I am seeing a difference too. So I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are helping me with and I am very much looking forward to the 5k foam fest.

Anne McMeeking-Walsh

I participated in the Clear, balanced and fit 12 week program offered through Hayden Fitness. I had amazing results with weight loss, energy level, cravings are gone…the biggest change for me was my osteoarthritis has almost completely gone! The balance between exercise and healthy, clean eating has changed my life!

Anna Page

Hayden Fitness has provided me with a consistent, focused and nurturing environment to exercise in. Some weeks it is the only fitness session I manage to fit into a busy schedule and I really value the diversity of the program that Marie designs. When I am able to include other fitness activities such as running, skiing or biking into my week, I have a base strength and fitness that enables me to enjoy what I truly love to do, move outside! Thank you Marie and Hayden Fitness Vernon

Brianna Keating Martyn

Not only am I proud of my body but how my body performs. Being women we always want to look our best and feel great. Hayden Fitness Vernon has helped me achieve results and find a healthy balance that we all desire to have. Marie Hayden is not only knowledgeable, is is a real person who generally cares and only wants you to hit your goals. The caring, inviting and warm atmosphere of the studio makes it a joyable place to come. No one stares at you from across a cold giant gym. There’s laughter, complaining and grunts, where everyone is to busy encouraging others than to cast a judgmental stare. I wouldn’t be able to post my before and after pictures of it weren’t for the care and attention I have received at Hayden Fitness. Look no further the answer is right here.

Lindsey Nakucyj

Whether it was gym passes, yoga classes or kick-boxing workouts I could never commit to a workout despite years of trying, until I found Hayden Fitness’ Mommylicious class. Not only have I been going twice a week for over 6 months now but I truly enjoy going and look forward to each class. A big part of the reason is definitely Marie. Her small class sizes ensure we all get the one on one attention needed to make each workout a success. Marie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness but also all things health and nutrition related as well. She is able to contour any exercise to meet each and everyone’s personal abilities. The workouts are constantly changing so each day is a new and exciting challenge. As a new mom I have also really enjoyed meeting other new moms attending the classes. Not only do I benefit from going but my 9 month old son loves spending time with the amazing ladies in charge of child minding. Being able to spend an entire hour twice a week taking care of myself while knowing that my son is in excellent care is a highlight to my week. I rave about Marie and Mommylicious whenever I get the chance and truly encourage any mom to try it!

Bev G

I have attended ‘Retired and Fit Classes’ at Hayden Fitness since 2011. Marie is skilled in adjusting the routines to meet the varied needs and levels of fitness in the small group setting. The small group approach means we receive correction on our technique and adjustments to meet our individual needs quickly. We are provided with strength training, core work, balance work and stretching activities to build in all areas. Marie uses a wide range of techniques including bands, machines, weights and Pilates to ensure classes are varied and current. I value Marie’s flexibility, her knowledge and her positive approach to developing and maintaining fitness for our group of 55+

Ann  P

I have been attending Hayden Fitness Retired and Fit for the past year. For a person who ‘does not like exercise classes’ I have to say I do enjoy Marie’s sessions. The small group, the personal attention, the variety all have made a difference. I was surprised when had to lift my summer tires into my car, that I could do the task with relative ease, so obviously am stronger than I was last year. The laughs are good for the spirit too.

Brianna Keating Martyn

Is anyone is searching for a place that will make them feel comfortable and help them on a journey to better health Hayden Fitness is the place. You’ll find yourself getting stronger, feeling energized and making friends. The family type atmosphere of this fabulous gym mixed with the expert trainer is the key to success. At Hayden Fitness I have gotten support in all aspects of living a balanced healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t tried Hayden Fitness you should I doubt you’ll be disappointed and you’ll never turn back.

Lisa Wright

I’ve been to many different fitness facilities in Vernon and it’s at Hayden Fitness that I’ve found home. I am that girl that hits fitness hard and as a result I get recurring injuries. I’ve been in this injury roller coaster for years. I’ve been with Marie for almost half a year and I’ve had no injuries. I feel strong and love it! Marie’s small group classes are great for keeping me focused on my quality of movement and keeping me motivated. Every class I have is fun and I can’t wait for the next. It’s a little family and it feels good!

Kara Wilhelms

I moved to Vernon in June with my 4 month old and was anxious to both get back in shape and meet other moms. I’ve always struggled with my weight and emotional eating. I’ve never been much of a gym person and so Marie’s offer to try out her studio a few times without a commitment AND where I can see my child while I workout seemed like an easy decision. In four month, I’ve lost 35 lbs working out twice per week. I never feel like I’m going to a gym. I love Marie’s beautiful and clean studio. The caretakers that look after the children are fantastic. The workouts are challenging but fun. I feel like I’m able to focus on my gaols while my daughter is being taken care of. Marie tailors the workouts to my ability and any challenges I may have. She’s offered meal planning support via email and in person. I’ve never had this much success working out. Lastly, I’ve had an opportunity to meet many moms, including Marie. We socialize together outside of the studio as well. It’s been a great supportive environment and recommend it to any mom for prenatal or post natal exercise!!!

Carly Jewel

I first started with Marie when my son was 6 weeks old. We joined Stroller fit, mainly as a chance to get out of the house, meet new moms, while getting a workout in with my little guy. My passion prior to pregnancy was swim, bike, run and I figured that would bring me back to my pre pregnancy weight and fitness level. As time passed after having my son I was carrying extra weight and despite my efforts running was causing me injuries and swimming and biking were hard to incorporate as a new mom. Marie would talk to me about my fitness goals and eventually convinced me to join Mommylishious. From there she had me do a 3 day food diary where she offered suggestions, tips and tricks to improve my eating. By 5 months post natal I was back to my pre pregnancy weight! I feel that I am getting stronger and I am finally for the first time in my life discovering my core muscles. Marie’s classes never get boring, they continue to kick my butt and best of all she keeps her class sizes down so I feel like she is my own personal trainer. Thank you Marie!!

Jessi Brown

I have always tried to exercise throughout my pregnancies but just ended up hurting myself and making my aches and pains worse. I’m so happy that I have stuck with it right up until the end this time. THANKS MARIE! She made every workout unique to my needs. Depending how I felt from the previous class and what aches and pains I was having that day. No matter how tired or uncomfortable I was prior to class I always came out feeling energized. THANKS AGAIN MARIE!!

Jody Wenger-Harrison

In “The Girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy”, the writer tells her girlfriends to remember (about losing the pregnancy weight)… “40 weeks out, and 40 weeks in”. I believe that is fair advice! I am currently 30 weeks post-partum and am smaller, tighter and much stronger than I was BEFORE I was pregnant! I have to tell you, other than lacking a few needed hours of sleep, I feel FANTASTIC and I know its because of Hayden Fitness – it’s the only thing I’m doing different with the second child! There are many things that impress me about Marie’s classes; her genuine interest in my fitness, her healthy eating and lifestyle tips and her limitless knowledge in health and fitness but the results are the most satisfying! I highly recommend Hayden Fitness!

Robyn Nadeau

I met Marie when she was the instructor for strollersize. I really loved her knowledge and energy, and she was always prepared with great workouts. When I had my second son I knew I needed to call on Marie again to help shed the extra pounds so I signed up to do mommylicious. I love how it’s small group training and Marie still goes beyond that by tailoring the workouts to the individuals needs. I don’t think I could ever go back to the “traditional” gym again. I would recommend Marie to anyone.

Leigha Stenhouse

I started taking mommylicious classes with Marie when my second born was five months old. After just one month i was enjoying it so much and seeing such great results that I decided to add another day and start going three days per week. After only two months I was weighing less than I did before my first pregnancy and my pre-pregnancy jeans were too big! What’s even more impressive is that my mood improved, I had more patience and I felt so much better in general. Results aside, I genuinely enjoy the small group classes. I have fun, I am challenged and as a bonus I get to spend time with other new moms. I’ve been attending for almost 3 months now and I feel stronger than I have in years.

Tara Marling

When I first met Marie my son was 8 months old and to put it bluntly I was uncomfortable in my own skin, to top it off I was once again having frequent bouts of inflammation flare ups due to having rheumatiod arthrtis. I began going to her studio as a drop in and after the first month I was hooked, not only had my mental health taking a turn for the better but physically I began to feel the benifits. I had my doubts at first, considering my condition, if I could keep up and not cause myself additional inflammation and discomfort. To my surprise and with the unconditional support of Marie Hayden, I became stronger quicker than I ever thought possible. I have noticed a considerable decrease in bouts of inflamation and have had the added bonus of seeing inches come off. When I think about all I have gained from fitness 3 days a week, I can only thank my wonderful instructor Marie. She believed in me when I didn’t, recognized my condition and modified my workout when necessary and best of all she celebrated with me when I began to see all I could achieve. In short Marie runs an excellant class and she is an amazing women, I recommend her to anyone. At Maries studio you are given a relaxed, stress free environment , an instructor who goes above and beyond, the opportunity to meet new friends and last but not least you are given the chance to build your confidence. Thank you Marie…for everything you do!

Valerie Bayrack Mill

Marie helped me feel fit and happy with myself after my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t mesh once I went back to work full time; however, she was the first person I went back to after my second pregnancy and I’m so glad I did. Marie Hayden knows exactly how to work my body for optimal results and the emotional and mental boost from the physical workouts are exactly what’s needed to get back in the groove!

Lydia Middlecamp

I’ve been with Marie for 5 months now and can say that she is truly an excellent trainer. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients provides the perfect scenario for success. I recommend her without reservation. Three months post-partum of my third pregnancy/baby in two and a half years and I feel fitter than prior to my first pregnancy; thanks Marie.


Four months after having my second child I joined Marie’s Strollersize class. I have suffered from a bad back since childhood, and I knew I needed to get some core and cardio strength back. Marie does a fabulous job of motivating you and making the class fun while bringing solid knowledge of a woman’s postpartum physical needs and limitations. I love being able to bring my little one with me and incorporate him into the class! After just one month I feel my confidence and stamina has returned. Thanks Marie!

Erin Garries

After the birth of my first child, I joined strollersize through the rec centre which was led by Marie Hayden. I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to help me with every ache and pain and disability that I had during my postpartum. I continued my fitness journey with her at Hayden Fitness until my 7th month of pregnancy with my second child. I appreciate all that I learned with Marie as well as the great friendship we developed.


I have been working with Marie Hayden with Hayden Fitness since August this year. During this time I have found Hayden Fitness to be my “go to” place for understanding how to work on my body and get the best out of it. Marie is one of the most personable trainers I have ever met, her years of experience have been a huge asset to my own personal growth. Marie wants the best for me and in turn I challenge myself to be the best- it is a wonderful partnership. The service I have received from Hayden Fitness sets it apart from other venues I have used. Hayden Fitness really care for their clientele and demonstrate this by always going the extra mile. Marie Hayden’s commitment to the community is also something that draws me to Hayden Fitness. Marie is always one of the first local businesses to help out or share community information about upcoming events. Hayden Fitness is heavily invested in making our community in Vernon a better place to live. I think that Hayden Fitness deserves the highest accolades for customer service and participation in all things that make our little city of Vernon a great place to be.

Kim Topolewski

Hayden Fitness, has been a very positive experience for me, I had been out of a exercise program for awhile and was a bit nervous about getting back in. With Maria ‘s patience personal training tips I was able to get in a great program and was able to see some good results in short order. Marie puts her personal touches to everyone’s program while still keeping the exercise class consistent.

Jacquey Winchester, A young almost 65-year old!

Although I had been a member of various gyms where I had positive experiences of using a personal trainer from time to time (both at the Coast and in Vernon) over several years, 12 months ago I made fitness goals of improving my posture and working towards the prevention of osteoporosis. I was thrilled to discover Marie, who has a certification in Osteofit! Since then, Marie has been my personal trainer and I met with her for one hour, one-on-one training sessions about twice a month throughout 2011. The training sessions were tailored to my needs in terms of goals, my previous knowledge and around my part-time work hours. Marie gradually created several different programs with me, ensuring that I understood each exercise and how it should be working my body; she also provided choices of many of the exercises. Marie followed up with emails showing the exercises, allowing me to focus during the sessions with her, practice on my own, add my own notes and ask her questions. In addition to feeling better, plus being complimented on my posture by friends, I totally enjoy my sessions with Marie as well as working at the gym on my own. Marie is very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I have every confidence in recommending her to others whatever their fitness goals.

Melissa Dorosh

Since starting with Marie at strollersize and then transitioning to Hayden fitness after having my first child, I couldn’t be more happier!!! I didn’t think that after a c-section, I could ever feel like or look like “myself” again but with Marie’s encouragement, training, and knowledge about what works for the post baby body, I have never felt better. I enjoy working out in a group environment because I also get to meet other moms and best of all, I have childcare so that I can focus on just ‘me’ I like the workouts because Marie offers variety and tips on how to properly do all the exercises. Thanks Marie, for providing such a comfortable and motivating environment that is a perfect fit for me, a new Mom!!!

Meghan Cleminston

Dear readers I would recommend Marie to anyone she always goes above and beyond expectations. Whenever you need her she is there with a strong but yet personal attitude! It all reminds me why I love working out with her not to mention the great shape that she gets you in. Keep on rocking Marie and showing us what not only you but what we are made of!!! Love ya!

Susie Helland

Marie is an amazing trainer and i would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their lives. She is knowledgeable and compassionate, and also knows how to work around injuries with ease. She is caring yet knows how to push you past what you thought you were capable of. I came back to Marie after having a section and she knew all the things to do so that i didnt cause myself any injury. I have lost over 40lbs since going to Marie, partly because of her dedication to helping me get fit after my pregnancy. I would definetly recommend Hayden Fitness to anyone.

Dr. Nicole Shortt, ND

Marie Hayden provides exceptional service to her clients. She is focused on their goals and works with them to achieve health and balance. She does this through well researched and thorough fitness plans;by helping her clients set realistic and achievable goals; and by using a referral base of other professionals to ensure that the approach to their health issues are holistic and complete. I highly recommend her to my patients and have a great feedback on the referrals I have made.

Laisha Rosnau

My abdominal muscles split when I was pregnant with my first child. Two years after having my second child, and a few pounds later, I decided it was time to get back into good shape. Hayden Fitness provided a great atmosphere where I could work-out and my preschool kids could play. Marie Hayden both eased me back into working out and challenged me to go farther. She also offered lifestyle and dietary suggestions, all with good humour. Not only my fitness routine, but my lifestyle and diet have all changed – for the better – since going to Hayden Fitness. I’ve since referred my mom to the Retired and Fit class and she’s having a good time as well!

Carey Nichol

I have been working with Marie for approximately 9 months. She is extremely skilled, thoughtful, sensible and easy to talk to. The great results I have achieved to date are largely due to Marie’s combination of training methods and individual exercise programs. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to her work and her clients provides the platform for success. I have newfound energy and have more flexibility, core strength, and confidence.

Hope Kruse

I came to Marie at Hayden Fitness after I had a bad accident. I found Marie to be very competent, caring and understanding to my bodies needs. While in a small class atmosphere Marie checks to make sure of everyone’s comfort zone, and offers individual coaching. I highly recommend Hayden Fitness to everyone looking for a competent instructor and a relaxed exercise format that fits individual needs.

Lyn Taron

This is to let you know that I think very highly of Marie Hayden of Hayden Fitness and recommend her services wholeheartedly. She seems to have more knowledge of the body than any other fitness instructor I have encountered. She has been able to address questions/problems that I have had for many years and has had a solution for every query I’ve had, or that other people in the class have had. She gives personal and individual instruction, even though we are in a group setting with participants of a wide variety of experience and ability. I recommend her highly.

Brian Wills

I started with Marie at Hayden Fitness about 2 months ago due to lingering back pain issues. She very quickly identified my specific physical issues. She was also very flexible in terms of making appointments to meet my schedules. I now have no back pain and am working toward a very active year and expect to compete in a number of cycling events. I can heartily recommend Hayden Fitness for their superior service and professionalism.

Breanne McLean

Hayden Fitness was exactly what I needed to get me back into shape after having my first child. With having a c-section, Marie was awesome at adjusting the workout to help keep me comfortable but still achieve the same end result.

Amanda Lawton

I cant say enough good things about Hayden Fitness. I have been with Marie for almost three years now. I work out with Marie over skype. She has done wonders for me over the past three years. I feel better, I look better, and plan to keep a workout routine part of my life for a very long time. Marie is always very accommodating if I need to change or reschedule my appointment with her. We are always able to work something out which I really appreciate. I have a busy life with 3 children and Marie understands the demands and changes that may come up in everyday life. Marie is also very helpful when it comes to healthy living she has very good suggestions and is always willing to help you seek help whether it is with diet, naturopath, acupuncture, massage therapy etc. Marie is very aware of areas that could be injured or have had previous injuries. She will listen to how you are feeling on any particular day and will change your workout accordingly. Marie and I have become friends with still keeping everything on a very professional level. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

Laura Schultz

I worked out in Marie’s small group classes after I had my baby. I found Marie’s knowledge about post-natal fitness to be exceptional. I was able to workout without injuring myself and I built up areas that were particularly weak after pregnancy. Marie ensures that you do an exercise correctly and continually tailors and tweaks workouts so they are safe to your healing body and effective.

Andrea J. Lee

Thank you Marie, for taking the time to customize my work out in your classes, to work around my injured arm! And for keeping up the variety in the workouts and always doing new things! Love Hayden Fitness! 🙂

Joanne Harrington

I am 61 years old and have arthritis, back, neck and hip problems. I spent many months trying different venues to find someone who understood and had the knowledge to help me with these issues. Finally I found Marie, her knowledge , ability to listen and encourage are outstanding. I like that the classes are not generic one size fits all, but customized to suit each individual. Thanks to the classes I am much stronger, in less pain and able to perform many everyday tasks that I was unable to a few months ago.I would highly recommend Marie to everyone, at every stage of life.

Heather James

Hayden Fitness & Yoga proved to be an excellent route for my personal fitness development. Marie was extremely knowledgeable, tuned to my present level of fitness and conscious of always moving me to the next level. Sessions were challenging yet enjoyable and I was motivated to keep on working out!

Jennifer Gordon

“Marie is a wonderful motivator with consistently challenging, enjoyable workouts. Strollersize is a great way to get back into shape!

Michelle Campbell

I’m loving your strollersize class Marie. Before I joined I was starting to feel a little discouraged, wondering if I’d ever be able to get in a proper, full-body workout with a baby since the gym near where I live doesn’t provide daycare. Your class, being only a once a week commitment, is totally do-able for us out-of-towners as we can just plan out other errands in Vernon around it. And even with just this one extra workout a week (on top of my regular walking), I’ve noticed results (mainly core and glutes:)), and it’s helped to get me more into that “fit” mindset that I was missing, so thanks!

Courtney Allingham King

Strollersize is great because it gives me the chance to have a great total body workout in a social atmosphere, and bring my little one along. It’s an opportunity to do something for myself, without needing childcare.

Jessica Timmers

I’m enjoying Strollersize, its a great one hour workout. You’re great at explaining how to do everything to better my workout. You make me push myself to finish a good workout and feel great. I’m definitely seeing results and I am really glad Courtney told me about this class otherwise I probably wouldn’t of found out about it. I think all moms should try it out.. 🙂 Thanks Marie!

Spring Marzorini-Catton

Since starting with Marie and Hayden Fitness I have seen wonderful results. I feel stronger and healthier. I am back into my pre-baby jeans and on my way to smaller sizes. I look forward to working out three mornings a week and have a lot of fun in the class. We are always doing something different, so we never get bored. I would recommend Hayden Fitness to everyone… and I do!

Andrea J. Lee

Yay for Hayden Fitness! You get one on one attention while you work out so that you are doing things right and getting maximum benefit! I’m one of those people that needs to be reminded to “breathe” and to have my posture corrected, etc. And the small group classes are awesome. Thumbs up for Hayden Fitness!! 🙂

Susie Helland

Marie is an amazing person and trainer and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their lives. She is compassionate and caring, yet pushes you past what you thought you could ever do, without you even realizing it. I have been back with Hayden Fitness since November, as i just had a baby, and since then, i have already lost 16 pounds and 14 inches thanks to Marie’s dedication to getting me fit. You wont be sorry if you give Hayden Fitness a try.

Claudette Everitt

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. It has been my pleasure to have Marie Hayden as my personal trainer for several months. I have found her extremely professional and very up to date on her industry . She has worked diligently to assist me in achieving my goals. I’m always impressed at her knowledge and creativity. And, it’s producing results.

Valerie Mill

Marie is an excellent personal trainer! She is very quick at understanding what your body needs to achieve the results that you want to see. She personable, understanding, and caring but still makes you push the you limits to meet your goals. I would highly recommend her service to anyone and I do, as often as I can!

John Lawton

Marie is a very knowledgeable personal trainer, that I enjoyed working with. She gets results quickly for you in the areas of focus that you want results. I especially liked her effort to stretch and rehabilitate problem areas that I experienced while training. Her attention to detail and form is of utmost importance. I look forward to working with her again sometime.

Mikael Hospes

Marie Hayden is a phenomenal personal trainer! She consistently brings new ideas to our training sessions and teaches with passion. Her knowledge and ability to inspire are invaluable.

Dr. Shannon MacNeill, B.Sc., D.C.

Service Category: Personal TrainerYear first hired: 2010Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value. Marie gives a very intense, targeted personal ab workout in one half hour that is fun and leaves you energized. She keeps the workout at a fast pace but interesting by doing circuit training. Within four sessions you will notice a stronger core!

Lorna Robb

Marie’s expertise comes through in a fun way in her very personalized training. She always compliments your good points but constantly challenges you to reach your potential. I look forward to every session!

Bill Kury

I am writing this as a testimonial to Marie Hayden’s ability as a Personal Trainer. My son thought I should be doing some type of exercise on a regular basis due to the fact I have Parkinson’s Disease which has caused my spine to curve so that I can not stand up straight. Since starting on the exercises taught by Marie I have felt better generally although sometimes the next day I suffered somewhat from using muscles which were not limber. I have found Marie to be a very good teacher. She is optimistic, cheerful, always positive and pleasant. She also is very organized, and punctual. She is flexible in her training routine, for example if I hurt in one part of my body, she will change and work on a part that doesn’t hurt. She has been able to relieve my pain by manipulation. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone. In my opinion she is a very good Personal Trainer.

Stacey Taylor

My experience with Hayden Fitness has been life-changing! I’m one of those people whose idea of cardio was a short sprint from the car to the ice-cream store and a bicep curl consisted of raising the spoon to my mouth. I wasn’t a fan of exercise. In the past, I had tried gyms and spent thousands on fancy home equipment but without someone to show me how to use it properly I usually ended up hurting myself which gave me the excuse I needed to never exercise again. When I met Marie, she told me about her home studio, her philosophy about health and wellness and the fact that she would customize an exercise program that worked for MY body. A program that would work with my old injuries rather than aggravate them, would help me gain the strength and flexibility I was looking for and could accomplish within my busy schedule. As a bonus, Marie motivated and encouragement me to change some eating habits in ways that were doable for my lifestyle. I was amazed how in only a few weeks, my sense of balance had dramatically improved, I was more flexible and stronger, my self-esteem improved and I felt that I had really accomplished something positive for myself. I’m the last person I ever expected who could come to the point of being able to say I enjoy exercise now. Thanks to Hayden Fitness I have learned to appreciate and value my body and how to look after it better. Hayden Fitness has shown me how exercise can be affordable and fun! I’ve now dusted off that yoga ball that’s been in my basement the past few years because now I KNOW how to use it! I’m so glad I found Hayden Fitness and highly recommend them!

Meghan Clemitson

After having three children I wasn’t in the shape that I once was (of course). I was about to be the Matron of Honor at a wedding in about three months time and wanted to look good for the bride and have more self confidence for myself and my family. I meet Marie through my daughters dance class and started talking to her about the possibilities of her training me. She is one of the most approachable people, she is flex-able and meets all your needs. I have now been training with Marie for about four months and love it! She has made me in the best shape I have ever been in my life. She is a great trainer and so encouraging and pushes you with her enthusiasm. She really goes above and beyond the everyday trainer and listens to you so well and make it easy to want to workout. I could not do it with out her! I now look forward to working out, and might I say I looked dame good in that dress, thanks to Hayden fitness and all Marie’s work. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They are the best!


Started with Hayden Fitness at 250lbs and is now 206lbs. Came off Blood Pressure Meds and Cholestrol too thanks to Dr Nicole Shortt as well.