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Marie Hayden

Owner of Hayden Fitness Studio and Bliss Pilates 

“Fitness should be fun and enjoyable, not something you despise!”

Marie’s journey through fitness started with her love for athletics as a youth.After her sports activities began to slow down the weight gain began… assisted by a few too many scoops of ice cream and orders of fries with gravy.

After always being fit, Marie took a keen interest in weight training to help shed those unwanted pounds. Marie continued to be passionate about fitness and utilized her skills to assist others along the way. She took an interest in naturopathic healing in part to help with her continued digestion issues such as bloating, pain, exhaustion, irritability and gas, which helped to reach a final diagnosis of multiple food intolerances/allergies. After years of misdiagnosis, Marie’s digestions issues were on the mend and now her path to wellness really progressed.

Eliminating her food intolerances helped to significantly boost her energy levels and get her back on track. Two pregnancies less than 16 months apart put a bump in the road, and unlike most fitness enthusiasts Marie was unable to exercise due to extreme low back pain and other complications. Frustrated by the common myths that she would lose weight “after delivering,” “while breastfeeding,” “after the first year,” Marie took control of the situation with multiple conferences and workshops that allowed her to reshape her body and then eagerly began to help others around her facing similar challenges.

Marie has also experienced Hormonal Imbalance and Hypothyroidism which has also led her to create the ReNEWU Plan. Message her for details and take control of your body!!   

Marie looks forward to assisting others find a healthier lifestyle. Let Marie open your eyes to a healthy approach to wellness.


  • General 
    • Human Kinetics (1992)
    • Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
    • Nutrition Wellness with a Focus on Hormonal Balance
    • BCRPA Personal Trainer
    • Pilates Reformer Beginner/Intermediate
    • Yoga
    • TRX
    • CORE Resist a Ball Level I, and II
    • Pilates on the Mat & Pilates With Props
    • Bender Ball Posture and Body Balance
    • Lebarre
    • HITT
    • Tabata
  • Specialized Training in 50+ 
    • BCRPA Third Age (50+)
    • Active Ageing Certification
    • Menopause and Fitness
    • Osteofit
    • Pilates & Yoga
  • Specialized Training Pre & Post Natal
    • Pre/Post Natal Strength
    • CORE Training for Pregnancy
    • Pregnancy Posture and Exercise
    • Training for Delivery
    • Wired and Tired Prenatal
    • Fitness for Fertility
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Weight Loss after Pregnancy
    • Strengthening the Pelvic Floor
    • Pilates & Yoga

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Melissa Mitchell

I am compassionate and sensitive to the personal needs of my clients and want nothing more for them then success!

With my upbeat attitude and persistent drive to achieve success, I focus on designing personalized workouts pertaining to my client’s needs. I am so very excited to train at Hayden Fitness Studio teaching Fitlicious & Mommylicious. As a recent post natal Mamma I am very familiar with getting back that pre baby body. If small group isn’t where you are at I can also train you privately 1:1 if you prefer.

  • General
    • Personal Trainer
    • Kettle Bell Trainer
    • Pilates Reformer 


Amelia Sirianni

Originally from Vernon Amelia has spent the last decade as an Actress travelling all over. Lucky for us her amazing personality connected with us in our Fitlicious classes. After being our amazing Front Desk and Childminder we are excited to have Amelia now trained in Pilates Matwork. We are thrilled to have her energy and vibrance in the industry!! Find her Mom and Me Pilates at The Greater Vernon Recreation Center.

  • General
    • Pilates Matwork Level 1,2,3


Kessa Schroeder (Maternity Leave)

Kessa was born and raised in Vernon and has always had healthy influences around her.  She spent her childhood in the dance studio while accompanying her family to triathlons and her adult life as a dancer/surfer/yogini. She’s spent the last 12 years travelling around North America, teaching surf lessons in Hawaii and establishing and owning one of the first hot yoga studios in Atlantic Canada.

She enjoys being in a positive environment where people can learn, grow and cultivate a healthier way of living. She has a brilliant approach to assisting clients heal and progress through poses in small group and private sessions.


  • General
    • Owned and operated studios in Eastern Canada
    • Bikram
    • Vinyasa
    • Yin 


Emma Wheeler

Hello, my name is Emma! I’m a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor and mother of 3. My passion for birth started when my now 13 year old daughter was born. I knew after her birth that I had desperately needed someone by my side offering support, information and reassurance, helping me to navigate medical terminology and protocol and to diplomatically communicate with the hospital staff. There were so many “unknown’s” and I was left feeling out of control and unsure of why my first birth experience had not been as I thought it would be. I took my DONA Birth Doula training soon after, and have been devotedly working to support families in my community of Vernon, B.C. ever since. My goal is to help resolve some of the “unknowns” that I felt, to help parents understand their choices and build confidence for this life changing event. I am a trained breastfeeding counselor and I have been teaching Lamaze based Childbirth Education Classes since 2008, emphasizing birth as a normal event and how informed decision making can lead to a more positive birth experience.

I believe a woman’s needs through childbirth are complex and that care needs to be individualized based on each woman’s circumstances. I believe that a labouring woman and their support team truly benefit from having emotional, physical and informational support. I believe this because I have seen, and felt, the benefits time and again. The difference in the birth experience of a secure cared for, informed, and empowered woman is unarguable. My passion is to share the tools that I have learned on this journey with families and help to make their birth an empowering event.

Rooted Natural Products
Rooted Birth
Email: emma@rootedbirth.com

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