ReNEWU Platinum Package




ReNEWU Platinum Package includes 6 months of Fitness Programs and 6 Online Fitness Sessions With a Trainer via Skype or Facetime
Your Pearl Package includes 5 fitness programs over the course of 6 months. Each series in your fitness program is 4-6 weeks  designed for those looking to transition from a beginner program and progress each month. Transitioning your fitness programs every 4-6 weeks avoids plateau and yields fantastic results.
 All exercises challenge the body safely and effectively. In addition to your written program you will also receive access to video tutorials through drop box. Your tutorials will explain in detail the appropriate execution of each exercise.
**Beginner Bodyweight must be completed prior to commencing any of the following programs
  • Beginner Bodyweight
  • 12 10 8 6 24
  • Superset
  • 321
  • Tabata

Adding our ReNEWU Meal plan will keep you on track while…

  • ReDUCING Toxicity
  • ReSETTING The Metabolism
  • ReABSORBING Nutrients
  • ReCALIBRATING Your Bowels
  • ReJUVENATE Your Skin 
  • ReBALANCE Your Hormones

Our ReNEWU Meal plan can be added monthly for $29 or pair beautifully with our 6 month Fitness Package for just $99. In addition you can add on Holistic Nutrition Consults and or Naturopathic Coaching through email, FaceTime or Skype.


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